Guidelines to DBMNT People

DBMNT People constitutes the first attempt at a prosopography of medieval Nubia, listing as it does all persons that can be identified by name (sometimes even by a single letter preserved from their name) in the written sources. Owing to the scarcity of personal data at our disposal about the huge majority of persons in the database, I was not always able to identify references pertaining to the same people. Depending on the degree of certainty or probability, I decided to merge some persons into a single individual and for some other leave two, three, or more individuals only indicating in a comment to their attestations that they might be one man. It is therefore very probable that the actual number of persons diverges, perhaps even considerably, from the figures in the database.

There are currently 3,725 persons in DBMNT People, including 131 ghost persons. DBMNT People numbers are compatible with TM Per numbers. For the time being, only those persons that existed in TM People prior to creating DBMNT People are linked; the remaining ones will be integrated at a later stage.

From the starting site of DBMNT People you can either go directly to a particular record (by entering its DBMNT number in the field ‘Person no.’), launch a search, or simply browse the list of all records. Clicking on the item on the list will display the detailed card of the object beneath the list.

Description of the fields

The following search fields are accessible:
  • Person – the name of a person is always a transliteration of the form found in the sources, not the standard form of the name as found in DBMNT Names; transliteration of Arabic names has diacritics, of other names does not
  • Ghost person
  • Gender (list)
  • Name
  • Second name – only for persons with double name
  • Literature

Persons and names the reading of which is uncertain are marked with an encircled question mark sign () to the right. Likewise, ghost persons and ghost names are marked with the icon of a ghost () to the right.

The tab ‘References & Texts’ connects the name variant with the respective elements of the remaining tables.

DBMNT People search

  • DBMNT Person no.
  • Person
  • Gender (list)
  • DBMNT Name no.
  • Name
  • DBMNT NamVar no.
  • Name variant
  • DBMNT Text no.
  • Provenance (list)
  • Kingdom/region (list)
  • Date
  • Type (list)
  • Language (list)
  • Linguistic context (list)